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Light and Grey Scale: January 24, 2014

Picked up some plaster from the shop and this is the result. To be completely honest, this is not just Plaster of Paris and is not indented to be used on the skin. A number of warning labels can be found on the bag. One of these labels says that amputation maybe required if this stuff dries on your skin, but I think this would only be required if you made a cast with the stuff. Also the manufacturer warns of severe burns caused during the curing process. With that being said I washed this stuff off as quickly as I could.  I’ll get some real plaster soon. I think the cracking, once dried, will look pretty cool.


Light and Color: January 23, 2014

Set everything up; the camera on the tripod, plug in the trigger, put an SD Card in the camera, place the chair against the wall, setup the light and take a test shot. Then it’s time to adjust; move the light, move the camera, adjust the ISO, adjust the shutter speed, adjust the aperture, take another test shot, then rinse thoroughly and repeat until everything looks exactly the way it was imagined or better. Now we just need inspiration. When originally setting up for this shoot, I wanted to use plaster inside of acrylic paint. I happened to be fresh out of plaster but I’m well stocked with acrylic paint. I look forward to working with plaster on my face in the future.     


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